Monday, August 24, 2009

Books and Travel

Books make wonderful traveling companions. While visiting Yosemite last week, I read The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene, one of my favorite authors. It certainly sated my theological yen. This post captures the books that I like the most and that deal with religion. Obviously, the books don't praise or decry religions or aspects of it. These are just works of art that simply use religion as the background and leave a reader with many questions.
Christianity: The Power and the Glory - set in early 20th century Mexico about the only surviving priest on the run escaping obvious persecution at the hands of secular junta.
Islam: Siege of Mecca: a non-fictional work that grips a reader to the very end; about a very less known event.
Hinduism: Mahabharata translated by C Rajagopalachari. Quite a captivating ancient tale. I am still looking for a good translation of Geeta.
Sikhism: Unholy Terror by Ian Mulgrew. This ended my search of a third party view of the Punjab debacle of the 80s.

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