Saturday, September 18, 2010

Million dollar views!

Meal with a view
Here's a list of places I've been to that have a million dollar view and decent food to accompany it.
  • Grand Lake Lodge - Lunch in their patio and savor the gorgeous several lakes view
  • Alyska - day time meal at Seven Glaciers restaurant
  • Top of the Mark - Enjoy spectacular San Francisco views in Mark Hopkins Intercontinental
  • Felix Bar - Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon (Hong Kong). This one also happens to have a loo with a view
  • Cliff House - Sutro or Bistro (winter or summer it's gorgeous - just pray it isn't foggy)
  • Seattle - Calcutta Grill in the NewCastle Golf Course (go before the sunset in summer).
Room with a view
TripAdvisor came up with this top 10 list of hotel rooms with the best view. I wonder why the Half Moon Bay Ritz wasn't in it?