Saturday, September 13, 2008


Italy's Rome - epitomizes fullness of life with a unique roguish panache! Romans history is proudly and abundantly displayed in historical monuments. Some are mankind's masterpieces. Like in other parts of Europe the best place to observe people is squares or Italian Piazzas.
..And in the side alleys of piazzas are hidden gems of restaurants serving the freshest of mozzarella and flavorful olive oil. Gastronomic indulgences must be generously washed down with local Chianti and aptly finshed with a cafe and gelatos.
Back to history..walking the the aisles of Vatican museums one does briefly think of Romans copying from Greek culture. But then that's the way its been for ages - Greeks to Romans and to (much later) French to British and to Russians to Americas. One also thinks of original ideas of Democracy, of Aurelius...; indeed a place to reckon but has it turned around since its fall millennials ago. Do civilization return to their peak - how long is the cycle?