Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rio - Happy Green & Clean

Brazilians are not just beach bronzly georgious but also greenly beautiful. That is evident from ubiquitous ethanol and butane stations. What fascinated me more was the attention given to trivial areas such as conserving energy by making escalaters run only when people are on them at airports, hotels, malls etc. Survey proven 'Happiest People in the World' also openly discuss environment and how angry they are about the rainforest depletion related inaction. Such attitudes lead to a more real and sustainable growth. Given the relatively fewer number of Brazilians (170M) it is bound to come ahead in the race of the new global economic order

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sweden - quite impressive!

Just came back from a few days trip to Sweden. The usual business meeting with some additional time to linger around: an opportunity to soak in a bit of local atmosphere. Although visually just another European town (Stockholm) with the charming cobbled streets, centuries old architecture, quaint shops, and traces of royaly sprinkled all over, something was amiss. The people appeared a bit different. Quite pleasant is the best way to describe them. Europe is not the best place to be coming across smiles on the daily go - since they are not the best at pleasantries - which is perfectly alright - infact the cloying pleasantries of America are on the other hand quite superfluous.
Perhaps these the most pleasant western Europeans. With my limited exposure to western Europeans, as compared to others Swedes appear more positive in their dealings with people. My belief was confirmed when I heard my colleague told me what a recently immigrated African cab driver told him. He said that after trying London and Paris, where he felt inexplicit discrimination, he tried Stockholm. And so far (it had been a year) he loved it; the people are genuinely normal he claimed.
I landed in Sweden with fewer impressive adjectives - quite efficient, best mechanical engg industry, ikea with its charitable ceo, volvo's safest cars....... and left a lot more impressed.
I just googled - ikea sweden volve abb' and this is what I got - quite an interesting read

Friday, February 02, 2007