Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sunday night flight back to US

Doing business in India has its benefits besides cost savings for US firms. One gets to visit folks! You have to keep the excursion as inconspicous as possible (aka weekend trip) so as to ensure the personal agenda does not creep into the one day meetings trip.
This time around I spent a few days in my lawful town Poona. Besides the succesful meeting I got to meet Bathijas and had a lovely time sipping whiskey with usually yummy Poona food and medley of good conversations with inlaws ranging from wazwan in Shalimar the clown to Shalu's Telugu wedding. A brief stop at old town Laxmi road bazaar with Aunty was a shopping trip back in time and just as I was dreaming of Peshwas walking the streets the snarling traffic woke me up!
Chandigarh was planned for exactly 24 hours. Khushi, Bunny, Nikki, Sajju, Mom, Dad, Sonu, Babu, the whole regiment was there. Kids frolicking, Fish curries and Momos continously steaming in the kitchen, gupshup non-stop. The next morning kids drove us to Sukhna lake while the adults paddled them around. Icecreams, bungyjumping, pastries...arre baba the requests never ended...and then again aloo paranthas floating in butter with creamy sugared yoghurt and achaar!
All of this and 6 hour taxi back to the most incovenient 3AM Lufthansa flight!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Test Blog

This is a test blog on my travelogue blog