Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mexico City - 25million people

It is incredible that Mexico City's population is more than that of Bombay (at least officially). The business here is done like how it is done in Spain; meetings over long lunches that might get extended well into a late night dinner - with yum arachera meats and can't-count-anymore tequilas! Fascinating that Tequila's chaser is beer. The host mexican's were quite surprised when I nicely enjoyed a full jalapeno.
As for 'getting mugged', I was told not to use the ATM at the airport never venture out alone,etc etc. Didn't matter- as usual, common sense must be used by a visitor in a foreign land anywhere in the world. My last trip was of course marred by swine flu. This time around stuck to the hotel - not for crime but for virus' ;-)

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