Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Southern Style

Being a New Orleans tourists was almost considered brave a year back. Now it's fully recovered - at least no signs of devastation in the FQ part, apart from wistful lingo refrences - 'since then..'. So bordering on adventure and craving for another southern vacation (the first being charming Savannah), we traveled to NOLA. A reconnect trip indeed with it's benefits - affordable Ritz, lovely weather (it hadn't still got grimy), and to top it all - a treat of southern delights - people, food and rich atmosphere.
There is a lot to re-learn from the distinct Southerness. Savoring life whether it is the beauty of life itself or beautiful creations of people - music and food. Why should this be just an attribute of southerners? Other leading super-fast hum-drum life must pause and enjoy too. True liesure must not be confused with idleness. One must not just alternate hardwork with party-hard lifestyle but strive to interweave work and liesure or better merge the two!

He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul's estate.
Henry David Thoreau ~

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